Classic Fantasy 2D Action


The master of the vast Cav Univer,

and the creator of the stars across the dark heavens,

Penthus sent his blessings across all celestial bodies in the mighty powerful form known as....


After bestowing Magia upon his five archangel offspring,

all with their own unique characteristics and energy,

he began to see his creation harness Magia's mystical yet undeniable effects and yielding the potential they were first created for in the first place.

This pleased him greatly and he fell into yet another deep celestial slumber.


MagiaX - feature / action
MagiaX - feature / fairytale
MagiaX - feature / boss


Aiden Ruteran

Origin : Rutelan Kingdom

Species : Human

Gender : Male

Age : 17

Description: Not being able to remember anything but his name, Aiden is on a quest to find any clue that will help him see more than a moment's flash of fragmented places and faces.


Origin : Vallere

Species : Dragon(Volcano)

Age: 567 yrs old but looks great for her age.

Description: Volcano Dragon of Vallere, the Star of Dragon, Caleera despises anything that is not hot enough to keep the lava running. The only thing she hates more than the cold is anything that is lukewarm.

Leta Vinis

Origin : Gilen Magic Kingdom

Species : Human

Gender : Female

Age: 28 but can't purchase alcohol cuz she looks 12

Description: Raised by elves, she has an uncanny ability to win the trust of spirits hence her close bond with the evasive Delcram, a spirit of withdrawal. Also quite a busybody when she's not befriending spirits.

Morgan von Shill

Origin : Granos Kingdom

Species : Human

Age : 31

Description : A courteous royal knight from a noble family whose top priority is to protect those in need and assist them. He is exceptionally close with Eluka.